National Donut Day

June 6, 2014

 It's a little well known fact that every year on the first friday of June we get to celebrate donut day, and who doesn't love a day set aside to celebrate donuts.  

Doughnut Day, Donut Day, Donut T-shirt, Donuts, Bar Necklace

Doughnut t-shirt, penny board, jean cutoffs, donut, national donut day

 I made this a full day celebration with by homemade donut shirt, a few donuts, a penny board, and of course what is a celebration without smoke bombs. 

penny board, donut, doughnut, national donut day

Donut T-shirt, Doughnut, Smoke bomb, Glasses, Mirrored glasses, Donut day

Donut T-shirt, Donut, Girl, Skateboard, Donut Day, Doughnut,

target, donut t shirt, jean cut offs, smoke bomb, girl, sun, donut, doughnut

 As you can tell it was a little too much fun, minus the lady that yelled at us because she thought we were lighting off dynamite and were going to blow up her mailbox.  We had to finally show her what a smoke bomb was to help her calm down and see that we were not going to blow up her mailbox in the middle of the day.

Mirrored Glasses, Donut T-shirt, skate board, smoke balls

Smoke balls, Girl, donut t-shirt, jean cut offs, summer, doughnut, national donut day

National Donut Day, Doughnut, Donut, Pink Penny Board

Tell us how you celebrated!  



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