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June 8, 2014

New York City, Central Park, Magnolia, Levain Bakery, Lincoln Center, Columbus Circle, Time Square, Sarabeth's

Hi it's me again, Morgan! Week 1 of New York down. Crazy how fast it went and how much I did, and yet there is still so much to see and do. I am really excited with what I was able to see these last few days and wanted to share some of my favorites.

1 - I was able to stop and see my churches temple. It is crazy to see this special place amongst all the large sky scrappers. What beauty it brings to the city. Definitely a place of peace. 

2 - My husband and I met up with some friends for brunch on Saturday at Sarabeth's. I would definitely recommend it. I got their famous eggs benedict made with homemade hollandaise sauce and their special homemade english muffins. I am not usually an eggs benedict fan, but it was definitely worth every bite. My husband got the toasted coconut Belgium waffles and they were AMAZING to say the least! 

3 - Walked around the Lincoln Center and Julliard. I sat in the courtyard, next to the fountains for several minutes and soaked up the sun while listening to music. It is a quite place and was not very busy. It was nice to escape the crowds for a brief moment and relax.  

4 and 9 - Levain Cookies. The best warm, gooey cookie you will ever indulge in. Worth every penny + calorie. So rich and so heavenly. It is probably not the best thing that it is located 4 blocks away from our apartment. The bakers may become my best friends. A must try if you make it out to the city. I would recommend the dark chocolate peanut butter chip cookie. Two thumbs up!

5 - Time Square 

6 - Another must eat if your in the city. Magnolia Bakery has the best banana pudding you will ever taste. Many people try to replicate it so you believe if you tried theirs you have tried Magnolias, but that is definitely not the case. There is something just so perfect about theirs that it will blow your little mind. Bliss must I say.

7 - Central park. It is amazing to see the many people who escape the city on Saturday and come to Central Park. There are birthday parties, baseball games, people laying out, frisbee, bikes, row boats, and much much more. Central park is like its own city! 

8 - Columbus Circle 

Definitely missing my partner in crime Mackenzie, but I can't wait to see what a new week brings here in the city!


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