Weekly City Favorites

June 29, 2014

Its another week of favorites and as I am sitting here going through my pictures I am quickly realizing this is becoming more of favorite city treats. There is so much good food in this city it amazes me.

Brooklyn Bridge | Making a stop at the Brooklyn Bridge and snapping a few photos is a must. We decided to go at dusk and it was beautiful all lit up. The next time we go we decided it would be fun to rent bikes and ride across the bridge. 

Here are a few recommendations that were given to us after we had visited. We were told that the park on the Brooklyn side is a joy to walk through, we heard there is a great pizza and ice cream shop just on the other side and we were told we must go to the Brooklyn Flea Market. So it looks like we most definitely will be making a trip back to the bridge.

Ice Cream Donut Sandwich
Holey Cream | This right here my friends is what we like to call a donut ice cream sandwich. If you can even fathom that! They really know how to do dessert at this little shop.

Here is how it works -
1. Get a donut, slice it in half.

2. Choose three scoops of ice cream from their amazing selection. We chose 2 scoops of their famous sea salt and caramel ice cream and 1 scoop of their caramel cookie dough ice cream.

3. Choose your icing. They have chocolate and vanilla icing. Not to mention the icing becomes like a hard shell against the soft and chewy donut. It makes for an amazing combination.

4. Pick your toppings. You can choose three topping, but we just chose to put crushed up peanut butter cups on top.

5. Enjoy the most delectable dessert in the world!

Thank you Holey Cream for making the best Anniversary dessert in the world!

Burger, Fries, Chocolate Shake
Shake Shack | So, I am not the biggest burger and fries fan, but I was told by countless people I have to go here and get a burger, fries and a chocolate shake. I must say I enjoyed my meal. I mostly enjoyed the fries and chocolate shake. Its another one of those must do's at least once when you come to the city. 

Over the past month I have had the amazing opportunity and privilege to work with prop stylist Kendra Smoot. This week was my last week following her around and seeing the magic she can create. What a talented individual she is! We were able to work on set with two magazines and the opportunity was once in a life time. I feel so lucky to have been able to do this and my eyes have been opened to so many new experiences and opportunities. 

Chocolate Chip Cookie
Clementine | This week on set we were fed some pretty amazing meals. One day our lunch came from Clementine. I was told that I have to try their chocolate chip cookies. Yes! Can you believe it, another chocolate chip cookie. I wasn't going to pass down the opportunity. It was pretty darn good. They make more of a cakey cookie rather than my favorite, a doughy warm cookie. But it was still delicious and worth every calorie!

I hope everyone enjoys another great week! If you have any recommendations or must do's I would LOVE to hear them!


  1. this is the cutest! love NYC! of course go to levain for a cookie, and make sure to go to popbar on a hot day! Xo

  2. Thanks Emi! NYC is best. It is getting super hot and humid here so I will definitely be going to popbar soon! Thanks for the recommendation. Hope life in San Fran is treating you well!

  3. I've never been to Brooklyn but if I ever do, I'm MOST DEFINITELY trying that MONSTROUS icecream donut thing. OMG. that thing looks amazing!!!!!!

    1. Laura it is amazing!! Holey Cream is actually on the Upper West side! So if you ever make it to that side of the Island you have to try it out. Seriously the best!



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