West Village Review

July 6, 2014

A favorite of this week was my afternoon spent in West Village. I had heard how magical the area was, but didn't realize it until I experienced it myself. It is a cute, quiet, tree filled burrow in New York City. The area is filled with tree lined streets, ivy covered brown stones and cafes on each corner.

American Glob, Ice Cream, Chocolate dipped, Caramel, Pretzel, Cone
We stopped by an ice cream shop right in the heart of the West Village. They are famous for their unique twist on soft serve. You can roll it in pretzels, Nilla Wafers, marshmallows, nuts, or sea salt. They then dip it in chocolate and drizzled in caramel if wanted. Not to mention you can have a Biscoff cookie spread, Nutella or Peanut Butter filled cone.

Park, Garden, Christopher Park
There is a small park in the middle of the busy intersection with benches and gardens to enjoy!

Cafe, Food, The Little Owl

Candy, Gummies, Fruit, Sugar, Scandinavian
We made sure to stop by the famous Scandinavian candy store Sockerbit. The adorable white store is lined with bright colored candy and a sweet smell. You can enjoy chocolate and fruity candy, all of which originated from the Scandinavian countries and are made with high quality ingredients. The bright colors come from nature rather than chemicals in a lab. The candy is GMO and trans fat free!

Garden, Courtyard, Flowers, Green
If you look between fences and down alleys you will find surprises like this. Quiet and peaceful garden filled courtyards.

Brick, Brownstone, Ivy, Flowers
If you are looking for a day to escape the busy city, just make a quick trip to the West Village and explore the story book streets. There are adorable shops and cafes to enjoy. I am anxious to make my way back and try some of the cafes.


  1. Holy crap, that soft serve looks AMAZING!



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