Flag Day

June 14, 2014

With the World Cup just starting, today being Flag Day and July just around the corner we are feeling patriotic and thought we might share some red, white, and blue inspiration for the upcoming holidays.
You can spice up any festive outfit you choose with some fun red lips and sunnies! With July being one of the hottest and sunniest months those shades are a necessary. You can even get a pair of red or blue ones like these.
Ray Ban, Popsicle, Red, White and Blue Turquoise
Nails are the simplest way to be festive, and this was the easiest paint job ever.  I used a star sticker and then painted clear nail polish over it to make it last longer.
nail art, rings, bcp jewlery, stars and stripes
This flag shirt was a cinch to make. All you need is some making tape, star stencils and spray paint. It has become a definite go to for all the holidays in July.  
4th of July, Memorial Day, 24th of July, Red, White, and Blue Stars and Stripes, Flag Day
What would red, white and blue be without a pair of white high top converse.  You can't go wrong with either the low top or high tops, but these have been so fun to wear around and who knew they were so festive too.
white high tops, flag, red, white and blue, stars and stripes
Of course we had to put some inspiration in here for the guys, here is the perfect red, and blue leather bow tie, made by Luno Wear (they come in many different colors, if you are interested let us know, they are not yet sold online. ) 
Luno Wear, Leather Bow Tie, Men's style, What to wear
Flag Day, 4th of July, 24th of July, Memorial Day, Flag, Stars and Stripes.

We hope you share with us some of the ways you show your festivity!


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