Mother's Day

May 12, 2014

Mother's Day is such a special holiday. Being able to recognize the one who gave us life and who spends countless hours cooking, being a chauffeur, a nurse, a maid, a financial advisor, therapist, and cheerleader is such a gift. The number of jobs a mother has is innumerable. The selfless acts they administer ever day is unfathomable. There is nothing more we should do than make our mother's feel like a queen for a day. This past weekend we tried to do just that! Here are a few pictures from our wonderful celebrations!  

The first sight when walking into the backyard. 

The main focus of our small event. We hung pictures of our mother from when she young up until now and filled the table with some of her absolute favorites.

Candle, Donuts, Cake, Lemonade, Candle, Raspberries, LanternsChocolate covered donuts, lemon cake, raspberries, Capri Blue volcano candle, lemonade and fresh peonies are a few of her favorites.

For a romantic feel we added the candle and lanterns. It created a very cozy and dreamy feel to our evening.

Candle, Donuts, Cake, Lemonade, Candle, Raspberries, Lanterns
All goodies were purchased at local bakeries. Fresh flowers were purchased at a local flower shop. 


The fun thing about this set up is that we used everything we already had. All we had to purchase were the flowers, desserts and supplies to make the lemonade (recipe coming soon). It made for a very easy set up and we did not feel like we were running around all day to prepare. Completely stress free!

Candle, Donuts, Cake, Lemonade, Candle, Raspberries, Lanterns


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