Flower Crown DIY

March 5, 2014

With flower crowns being a big trend at weddings and photo shoots, we decided to do a tutorial on how to make your own. We were able to create ours for just under $30.00. We had so much fun picking out the beautiful flowers and creating the eye catching crown.


Thick floral Wire (For the Base)
Thin floral wire (to secure flowers on base)
Floral tape
Wire cutters 
Real or silk flowers

| HOW TO |

STEP 1: Get all of your supplies! We bought our supplies at Brown Floral, but Michael's has just what you need as well as any other craft store. You will also need a bunch of real or silk flowers. We chose to do real. We bought a bunch of flowers for $10.00 at our local grocery store. (The Roses and Ranunculus were purchased separately at a small flower shop)

STEP 2: Take your heavy floral wire and create a circle that fits comfortably around your head. Depending on the type of heavy wire you get, you may want to wrap it in floral tape to make it is a more secure base. Also, you may want to leave some wiggle room because the flowers will end up making it feel a bit snug at the end.

STEP 3: Begin to arrange the flowers on the base. Decide a general placement of the flowers before attaching them. We found it was easiest to make arrangements of two or three flowers and wrap with floral tape before attaching them to the base. We also made sure our flowers were all going the same way around the entire crown, but it is up to you on how you want to place them.  It is easiest if you start from the back of the crown. Take your thin green floral wire and secure each flower into place by wrapping tightly around the flower and base several times.

STEP 4: Continue the process moving around to the front of the crown and to the opposite side. Remember, there is really no right way to arrange your flower. Just play around until you find a position you like.

STEP 5: Depending on whether or not you want flowers around the entire crown is up to you. If you choose not to go around the entire crown you can finish it off with ribbon. This is when you get to use your own creativity. 

And ta da you have a perfect flower crown for your next wedding, party or photo shoot!


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